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The Top Solutions for Thriving After 50+

My coworker, Tom (I changed his name), was a top manager at #Shell. One day he shocked us with the news: 'I am quitting Shell.'

I asked Tom, 'What happened? You're only 53, and you're quitting a company you've worked for for 20 years.'

Tom bitterly explained, 'I'm moving to a huge project in the Middle East, but I would prefer to stay with Shell. However, there's a problem; for my company, I'm considered old, and my leadership is now promoting young talents (aged 30-35) to top roles. My current assignment is over in 3 months, and I'm being offered some useless clerk roles in the Head Office. But I feel I have the potential to make an impact.'

This story happened years ago, and now I'm 53, and I see that this problem is bigger than talent development in IOCs.

My next startup has an inspiring mission: to find a solution for people aged 50+ who have the strengths and ambitions to make an impact in this world. If you are 50+ and open to a 30-minute research interview, please let me know in the comment section or DM me.



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