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"I wasn't initially confident a Coach would give any benefit to me. Yet I decided to ask Daulen’s advice for coping with some difficulties I had while holding a Leadership role in a Company. Considering Daulen’s solid experience in Project Management associated with big EPC Oil & Gas projects, he led me through meaningful questions toward understanding the root causes blocking me from reaching the goals. He finally helped me to fine-tune my goals and shared a few life-hacks of how to be more positive and staying “out of the box”. I would highly recommend Daulen as skillful and experienced Coach."

Henry M., Project Manager, Houston.

“Working with Daulen was a life-changing experience. Initially, it was difficult but after a few sessions, I learned how to appreciate the difficult moments of life and not let them define me. Daulen brought out the characteristics and talents that I never knew I possessed. If for any reason you are feeling stuck, I highly recommend working with Daulen and PMcoaching.”

Marina A., Sales Manager, Moscow

"I would like to express my appreciation to Daulen for his time, knowledge sharing based on his wide life experience. I was asked many right questions at the right time.  

The coach used different ways while the sessions to help me to find out the root of my hidden concerns by breaking everything down into simplified sections. We had very useful discussions about professional goals, ideas and really working practices how to start archiving them and kick-start old my pending wishes."



                               Project Controls Manager, Kazakhstan, Atyrau.

I was unsure about how to pursue and achieve my goals, but after speaking with Daulen he uses an approach in which he gets you to think through the goals first, by analyzing your problems. You ask yourself, how can I solve these things?  Then, ask yourself if there are any new solutions to the problem that you have not previously thought about. He has inspired me to approach my problems with a new attitude, so that I have been able to think of new solutions. Hence, before working with Daulen, I felt overwhelmed and hopeless at times, wanting to give up on my goals. Coaching with Daulen is like opening your eyes to new possibilities, and a new hope. I would highly recommend working with Daulen if you’re are serious about achieving your goals.

Kailene R, Houston

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