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Is being nice beneficial?

In the 2000s, we lived in Almaty and a very instructive story happened to us.

One evening, when I was lying on the couch exhausted by Almaty traffic jams, someone knocked on our door.

The wife asked me:

- A neighbor came there, she wants to take our signature.

I waved it off.

- Fuck her, I'm tired.

But as usual, the wife did her own thing. My wife is a very friendly person, she talked to a neighbor, was imbued with the local problems of the residents, and even put her signature.

Interesting events happened a couple of months later. A scammer knocked on our door, deliberately provoked me into a conflict, and accused me of physical violence.

The police arrived and began collecting evidence.

And you know who refuted the false testimony of the swindler?

The same neighbor who watched the conflict through the peephole.

Her testimony helped me get out of that story.

A reasonable question arises - would this neighbor help us if a couple of months before that, my wife had listened to my advice and sent her away?

Good question.

I don't have a clear answer.

But this story taught me something.

I still think that being a nice and friendly person is very correct, and sometimes even useful.

Do you agree?

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