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What To Do If You Are Laid Off

Joseph is my colleague and a great developer.

More precisely, a former colleague.

Yesterday, he sent me a shocking message on our communicator:

- Let's stay in touch, brother, I'm leaving.

Yet another colleague fell victim to layoffs!

The crisis is ruthless, and several people around me have lost their jobs. After talking to Joseph, I understood that he was feeling anxious and scared. I really want to help him and others who have lost their jobs.

I also know that many people cannot find a job for months, even years!

My colleagues and I from PMCOACHING are launching a FREE coaching program for those who have lost their jobs.

The goals of the coaching program are:

✅ share effective job search tools

✅ To improve resumes and LinkedIn profiles

✅ To provide mutual support among group members

✅ To motivate and boost the energy levels of group members

For me, this will be my personal sadaqah during the holy month of Ra


To register for the group coaching program, please fill out the form in the first comment of this post.

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