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What is our price for success?

We recently enrolled our Leo in a two week training course.

Two weeks later we took our friend home.

In general, he has made tremendous progress in his development - he learned five basic commands, stopped jumping on people, learned how to walk properly, and in general became a more trained and balanced dog.

But every coin always has a reverse side.

Our pet returned home tired and lost 10 to 20% of his body weight.

Most likely Leo was very homesick and ate poorly. Came back home skin and bones.

Of course, we will fatten the pet, but this situation prompted me to one thought.

We humans are like dogs.

Every time we achieve some kind of success in life or rise to a higher level, we are forced to pay a certain price for success.

A great boxer, Rocky Marciano turned the boxing world upside down in the 1950s when he introduced the revolutionary winning strategy into his routine.

Three months before the fight, Rocky moved from home to a modest hotel.

Two weeks before the fight, Rocky stopped communicating with strangers, did not speak on the phone, did not read letters. I only talked to his team.

A week before the fight, he closed himself completely, did not greet anyone, did not go out into the street.

Rocky made extreme sacrifices, but went down in history as one of the greatest boxers in boxing history.

We ordinary people also have to make sacrifices on the way to our success.

We coffin health, burn the nervous system, add gray hair to the head, pay less attention to our family.

Therefore, it is very important that each of us has a strong home rear, where we always return like beaten dogs.

A house where we will be forgiven and understood, warmed and fed.

I think without a reliable rear, sooner or later we will burn out at work.

Do you agree?

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