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5 Voices Workshop Series


A series of workshops to help your team communicate more clearly, increase trust and boost performance

What is Transforming Team Communication?


A series of online and interactive workshops which you facilitate with your team. Through them you will deepen relational trust, unlock your team's true potential and accelerate its performance. 


The typical outcomes you will experience:

  • Increased self-awareness and confidence as each person discovers their Leadership Voice

  • Deeper relational trust

  • True collaboration - every Voice is heard 

  • Honest conversations become the norm  

  • More robust decision making

  • Greater alignment and team performance

Most teams only operate at 60% of their potential

Break the norm and become a team which functions at more than 60% of its potential. Use the power of team development for sustained high performance.

What would it be like if your team was truly high performing?  It’s easy to prioritize the urgent and important; alignment and execution, but high performing teams start by creating healthy patterns of communication and trusting relationships.  

These workshops enable you to take your team on a journey where you focus on healthy communication and self-awareness; the fundamental skills to building trusting relationships.  When every team member effectively uses their Foundational Voice they, and the team, will flourish.  This foundation will create a far richer alignment.  You will create synergy, valuing team performance over individual performance and create capacity, allowing you to execute with discipline and consistency. 

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The Workshops

What You Will Learn

Each team member will leave each session with a clear set of actions for their personal transformation.

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Workshop 1

Discover Your Leadership Voice

Learn the behaviors and value of each of the 5 Voices and identify the natural Voice you use in the team.

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Workshop 2

The Power of Your Voice

Celebrate the contribution your Voice brings and learn the negative impact your Voice can have on others.


Workshop 3

The Art of Collaboration

Get the best from each person in your team by learning to leverage and trust the strengths of their Voice.


Workshop 4

Optimizing Team Performance

Learn how to create team alignment and synergy by harnessing the contribution of all 5 Voices.


Workshop 5

Team Kryptonite

Apply practical tools to avoid the five main reasons why your team will not achieve its potential.

Built with You in Mind

Based on the powerful 5 Voices tool, this is an interactive team training resource that you can use immediately. The 5 x 90 minute workshops will fit around the demands of your work. Each workshop focuses on a core element of individual and team performance.



Designed for your whole team.  Learning together is the most effective form of development.  Everyone feels included and engaged


A plug and play resource.  Watch the content delivered and facilitate the team exercises.  All you need is internet access, a screen and printed copies of the workbooks


You will embed a common team language using simple, visual tools allowing honest conversations and building a platform for sustainable change


It's relevant, practical and interactive.  All the learning is applied so everyone can make simple and yet significant changes immediately

Get Started Today

There are two great options for purchase. The best approach is to buy all 5, but if you want to try us out then buy one and see the impact it has in your team. Click below to purchase the workshops and gain instant access to the resources.

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