Goal setting- Example from Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

January 3, 2019



The beginning of a year is a great time for goal setting, many of us use this time off from work to think about how to make changes next twelve. Today I want to share an example (or process)  of how to set an annual goal. Last year I started taking Brazillian Jui Jitsu training in Elite MMA Club. And my example is based on my desire to improve my skills in Brazillian Jui Jitsu. I believe goal setting process will help me succeed faster and more efficiently.

You can easily use this process for any goal setting  - career, health, personal development, finance etc.  It's simple and practical.



Step 1.  WHAT.

What do I want to achieve?

I want to improve my skills in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ).

I do not want to be pro, I just want to be better at BJJ.



Step 2. WHY.

What is my motivation? Why is it important for me?

Why do I want to be better at BJJ? 

First of all, BJJ is fun, it is very hard but still fun. I really enjoy it. 

Second, I will be in great shape if I stay in BJJ. I know that health/fitness is a huge value for me. 

Third, BJJ is a challenge, it is a very hard sport but it excites me. This is the same driver which makes people climb high mountains and run marathons.

The fourth reason is positive energy around BJJ training, it's a great environment, BJJ people are fantastic. I do a lot of sports - GYM, swimming, soccer, but BJJ is the best in terms of sportsmanship spirit!

The reason #5 - BJJ is not only developing my physical strength - but it's also good for our minds and spirits, we are developing ourselves by learning how to improve our skills and take actions to do this!



I am 48 years old and there are certain risks to start martial arts at this age.

My cardio is terrible, I become exhausted very quickly. 

I am not a physically weak person but I feel I need to get stronger for BJJ.

I have some health limitations - my left knee and back are OK now but in past, I had some issue there. So I have to be careful.

I know that I am not good in every component of BJJ - passing the guard, escaping, armbar, sweeping and so on.  

Good news I did some wrestling in my childhood, so I hope it should help me on my way.




 - I believe in 100 hours theory, which says - If you want to learn a new skill - practice 100 hours. I tried it in past - it works. So I know I need to take 100 classes to in order to have tangible progress in BJJ. Taking into account classes I took in 2018 I need to work 8-9 month in 2019. Since I did some wrestling in my childhood I hope I need less than 100 hours before I feel a decent improvement in BJJ. 

- The school is great, Elite MMA is the respectable school with the proven methodology and a long history of success.  The coaches are extremely knowledgeable. 


Step 5. "ABC"  Plan


- Plan A is my best case scenario, my ambitious goal is to get a BLUE BELT  by the end of 2019. It is a very difficult goal but I will my best to get it. Here is my plan A.

3 classes a week

4-6 individual classes

GYM - supplemental physical training to improve my physical strength and  endurance  

Healthy eating habits

Learn BJJ techniques in several areas

Watching one hour in a week on BJJ tutorials on Youtube

Pass Belt Tests including Blue Belt Test


- Plan B is a more achievable plan.  My goal for plan B is to get two or three stripes on my white belt. It is still not going be easy, but I can get it done during 2019. Plan B is more achievable than Plan A, I will switch to Plan B if I face an unsurmountable issues with Plan A.


Here is my plan B -

2 classes a week.

GYM - supplemental physical training to improve my physical strength and  endurance  

Healthy eating habits  

Learn BJJ techniques in several areas

Watching one hour in a week on BJJ tutorials on Youtube

Pass Belt Tests


- Plan C is my safety net.  I know that not everything is in my hands, I can be distracted by my business trips or get injured. 

Here is my plan C -

I will do my best to achieve my goals (Plan A or B)  but If something goes off I will not be upset.

I am going to enjoy my BJJ classes whenever it is possible.

I can visit other BJJ schools during my bussiness trips.

I always can learn from my mistakes 

Even if I have an injury I can practice BJJ techniques with my son at home and watch videos


My ABC plan helps me to focus on process, not the outcomes. It would be great if I can get Blue Belt in 2019 if not, I will still be very excited to get it in 2020 or 2021. So I am going to win in any scenario. 

So you can replace the word "BJJ" with another goal and use for your own goal setting -  Losing weight, getting PMP certificate, making the investment.


Here is my five-step goal setting process –















if you have any questions or comments do not hesitate to contact.

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